Gladys Rodríguez, A Puerto Rican Star

Olney Theatre Center is proud and honored to have noted actress and comedian Gladys Rodríguez with us for Bad Dog. Gladys plays the role of Sondra, the Drexler family patriarch’s former mistress-turned-wife. The first part of this world premiere at Orlando Shakespeare Theater was Gladys’s first play performed in English.

Gladys Rodríguez headshot. Image from the Orlando Sentinel.

Gladys’s career includes the popular comedy Los Garcias, the longest running Puerto Rican television series and a leading role in Lo que le paso a Santiago (What Happened to Santiago), a film that has become integral to Puerto Rican cinematic history and remains the only Puerto Rican film nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In addition to her accomplished theatre and film career, Gladys holds a B.A. in Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico and is working towards her Masters of Divinity from the Reformed Theological Seminary. She was honored by the Institute of Culture in Puerto Rico in 2014 for her contributions to Puerto Rican entertainment and culture.


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