WVTF Recommendations

If you enjoyed Bad Dog, check out these other Women’s Voices Theater Festival participating shows. They’ll sure to make you laugh just as much as we did!

Phoebe in Winter by Jen Silverman at the Single Carrot Theatre
Event Image
In a war-torn world, whom can you trust? A family’s central dynamic is forced to make irreversible shifts when an unexpected visitor arrives at their doorway. This haunting, violent, and often hilarious examination of familial bonds in a fantastical post-war universe sheds new light onto what it truly means to be the new girl.

Women Laughing Alone With Salad
by Sheila Callaghan at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Event Image
What’s on the menu for Meredith, Tori, and Sandy: the three women in Guy’s life? Healthy lifestyles, upward mobility, meaningful sex? Or self-loathing and distorted priorities? Award-winning playwright Sheila Callaghan, writer of the 2009 Woolly hit Fever/Dream, serves up a world premiere on a bed of bawdy language in a gender-bending comedy vinaigrette, inviting everyone—men and women, mothers and sons—to savor this complex recipe of desire and shame. Featuring a delectable cast including Company Member Kimberly Gilbert, Women Laughing Alone with Salad dishes out our image-obsessed culture with abrasive imagery, biting social critique, and devastating humor.

The Dealer of Bayynafeigh
by Rosemary Jenkinson at The Keegan Theatre
Event Image
The boss’s niece is in a coma and Billy’s job is simple: scare the dealer who sold the girl the bad stuff. Billy is prepared for his bad-ass torture mission, except he has to bring his Ma along (it’s her night for the car, after all). In The Dealer of Ballynafeigh, the best laid plans take an unfortunate turn — and now, the boss is out for Billy, Ma has the drugs, and the cash shrunk in the wash. Jenkinson’s dark wit, incisive commentary, and offbeat – and often unsettling – rhythms have made her a popular playwright at The Keegan Theatre.

Cake Off by Sheri Wilner, Julia Jordan & Adam Gwon at Signature Theatre
Event Image
A hilarious world premiere musical adaptation of Sheri Wilner’s riotous battle-of-the-baking-sexes play starring Sherri L. Edelen. It’s the 50th Annual Twillsbury Bake-Off. The legendary jackpot: one million dollars for the best homemade sugary delight. After a chilly pre-heating, hardy contestants Paul and Rita don their aprons, strap on their oven mitts and square off. Armed with whisks, bowls, knives and eggs, the two engage in an increasingly ludicrous all-out brawl – and only one can remain standing when the timer dings. Ferociously funny, there’s nothing sweet about this wild musical satire.

Destiny of Desire
by Karen Zacarias at Arena Stage
Event Image
On a stormy night in Bellarica, Mexico, two baby girls are born — one into a life of privilege and one into a life of poverty. But when the newborns are swapped by a former beauty queen with an insatiable lust for power, the stage is set for two outrageous misfortunes to grow into one remarkable destiny.

Go to www.womensvoicestheaterfestival.org to see dates and purchase tickets for these productions. And don’t forget to use the code WVFEST at check-out for discounts!


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